Art Students Get Creative


Caitlyn Thompson

Nick throwing a pot while the seventh grade students watch. Mrs. Graham says that “Nick has been doing pottery the longest out of the students here at South Shore” and she says that anyone can do it; it just takes practice.

Emma Winge, Photography Editor

The students of this year’s art class have been doing a lot of new and creative projects.  Everything from painting with acrylic paints to painting with watercolor and more.  Some students are making linoleum prints, while others are learning how to print things with the school’s new 3-D printer. Nick and Zach are learning how to make clay pots and T.J. is making hot pads for the kitchen. Jackie is working on improving her drawing skills, by drawing 3-D objects and making a very creative triptick. Mrs. Graham also has the elementary students during the afternoons.  They get to have the opportunity to use their creative minds to make all kinds of fun projects.