South Shore Welcomes New Staff

Morgan Sorenson, Senior Section Editor

Getting new staff is often fun for students, and may be nerve racking to the new staff member themselves, but here at South Shore, we welcome new staff members with open arms! We have one new teacher this year, named Mrs. Erika Suo. She teaches the third grade class, replacing the now retired Mrs. Colleen Greene, who had been a teacher for over thirty years! Mrs. Suo had originally taught at the largest elementary school in Superior, called Northern Lights. She came to teach at South Shore for multiple reasons. One being that she has a very positive outlook regarding South Shore. “I believe the school district takes great care of their kids,” says Mrs. Suo. “There is a very positive energy here at South Shore, and I want to focus my time and energy on the community kids!”

One would think going from teaching at a very large school, to teaching at one of the smallest schools in this region would be a hard transition, but not for Mrs. Suo! “I love it here!” she says. “I have all the teaching materials that I could ever wish for. The digital resources here, such as the Smart Board, are excellent!” She also enjoys the well behaved kids, and being able to interact with students of all grade levels.
Mrs. Suo has quite a few plans for the third and fourth grade classes this year. She plans on participating in the Rivers to Lake Teacher Training Program, which will allow her to create hands-on science projects involving Lake Superior and water sheds. This will open lots of outdoor exploring and learning opportunities for the students!  Some of her other plans involve pen pal projects to Finland, researching local and Wisconsin history, and the students sharing their discovery’s with the community!

Mrs. Suo, with her extensive teaching experience, enthusiastic approach to learning and drive to create diverse experiences for South Shore’s students make her an excellent addition to the staff.  Welcome!