Prom 2015


Brigid Ripley

The beautiful ladies and the handsome men that attended prom

Morgan Sorenson, Reporter/Photographer

This year, prom took place on May 2nd, 2015. It was located at the beautiful Northern Pine’s Golf Course. With the theme being enchanted forest, the building was decorated with trees, vines, lights, assortments of mason jars, and other forest like things. The Friday before prom, the juniors of South Shore High went shopping, tree hunting, and set up for the big night that was to come. Everyone showed up at around 7 o’clock, and the prom court started at 8. The prom court resulted in Dylan Durst being the Duke, Desarae Sipsas being the Duchess, Colt Crum being the prince, Morgan Sorenson being the princess, Zach Hipsher being the King, and Alyssa Kavajecz being the Queen. The night was full of dancing, laughing, making memories, and even games, such as limbo! The games were not only played for fun, but there was a grand prize as well, consisting of a racing helmet, a Skidoo hat, and goggles. A freshman, Heather Ranta, ended up winning the prizes. As the night got later and prom ended, people stayed behind to help with cleaning up. The Junior class would like to thank the following people that helped with the cleaning up process: Megan Gustafson, Alyssa Kavajecz, Ruby Peltonen, Zach Hipsher, Dylan Durst, Cole Lovejoy, Colt Crum, and Kira Waters. Also a big thank you to the junior class for hosting a wonderful prom!