The Elementary Concert was a Road Trip Success!


Megan Gustafson, Administrator/Reporter/Photographer

On Tuesday, May 5th the Elementary students performed a concert with a road trip theme, with our tour guides Ethan Helenius and Lily Tapani. First to perform was the Pre-K and Kindergarten, singing Yellow Daffodils and Born to Make Music by Teresa Jennings. Following them were the 1st and 2nd graders, performing 3 different songs: Canoe Song by Native Melody, IOWA (folk song), and Hey HO, Let’s All Go by Mike Wilson. The 3rd graders sang a song from the famous fairy tale of Peter Pan. This was Never Smile at a Crocodile by F. Churchill. After this performance, the attention was back to the 1st and 2nd grades while they sang Whale of a Tail by Grier and Everson. The 5th and 6th grades were afterwards, with a couple of fun songs, Big Rock Candy Mountain and Honey Rock Flapjacks. During the show, the 5th and 6th Graders also performed the Star Spangled Banner. The 1st through 4th grades came together and sang Deep in the Heart of Texas by Hershey and Swander, and Rio Grande by Shanty from the US. The 3rd through 6th grades sang On Wisconsin by William Purdy, and the whole Elementary sang America, the Traditional Melody. But Perhaps the highlight of the whole concert was when the Elementary sang Happy by Pharrel Williams, featuring the 4th grade. Congratulations on another great concert!!POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert01 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert07 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert02 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert03 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert12 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert15 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert22 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert19 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert18 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert10 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert20 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert17 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert16 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert06 POCOHO_05.04.15_Spring Concert05