Truchon Does It Again!


Desarae Sipsas, Administrator/Reporter/Photographer

The school year is winding down quickly but on Thursday evening, the hustle and bustle were set aside and the South Shore gymnasium was transformed into a concert hall to show case the middle and high school student’s musical talents at the annual Spring Concert.  Truchon and her students wow’ed the audience with rhythmic and melodic pieces.  The middle school band performed three pieces including Command March by John Edmondson and Korean Folk Song Medley, arraigned by  James Ployhar.  Jenna Thompson and Lizzy Kobie earned gold medals for their solo performances at the Honors Band competition back at the beginning of the year in November.  That performance was just one of many, including the large group festival on February 27 at Northwestern high school as well as a choir performance on March 4 at Ashland high school.  It’s been a busy year!

The middle school choir was positively heavenly, opening with The Music Of the Night from Phantom of the Opera.  The students’ voices blended so well, proving that when they preformed this piece for Honors Band, they deserved the silver medal they were awarded.

The high school portion of the concert was particularly poignant for seniors Megan Gustafson, Tristin Koehler, Makayla Lovejoy, Ruby Peltonen and Megan Smith, when Mrs. Truchon presented them with photo albums of their last year in band, thanking them for their dedication, hard work and effort and wishing them well in future endeavors.  Their crowning piece was preformed with a nod to English teacher Mrs. Lazorik for peaking the senior’s interest in the book Dante’s Inferno, widely considered a great Western literature classic that details Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell.  The high school band closed with Bandology, an upbeat tune by Eric Osterling.

In March, the students traveled with Mrs. Truchon to New Orleans where they not only got to experience a different culture, but they got the chance of a lifetime to practice and develop their musical skills with Mr. Spanier at Tuland University.  The students also toured historical landmarks, listened to an amazing live jazz performance and feasted on authentic southern cuisine.  Mrs. Truchon and the band were effusive with their thanks to the PTO for their assistance with the refreshments, which always follow a concert, as well as their ongoing support of the Music Department and School District, as a whole, as well as the staff and administration of South Shore and everyone who collects, stores and eventually hauls and transports their glossy and white paper to aid in fund raising efforts.  The students, community and local businesses were integral to funding the New Orleans trip, which not only was fully funded, but also helped to cover some of the meal expenses!

Special thanks to: Little Nikki’s, Pine Cone Ole’s, Pizza Parlor, Woody’s, Johnson’s Store, The Port, Hob’s South Shore Bar, The Village Inn, Star Liquor and Star Liquor North for participating in Community Support Nights, generously donating a portion of sales to the band.

Special thanks to: Erika Suo, Peggy Hipsher, Rob Schierman, Jennifer Schierman, Julie Branham, Sue Ostrenga, Lynda & John Nedden-Durst and all other parents who organized and ran the Cajun Dinner/Silent Auction.  And of course, to John Hamilton and his band for playing at the Cajun Dinner.

Special thanks to: South Shore Education Foundation for helping students with additional expenses.

POCOHO_04.30.15_HS Spring Concert04 POCOHO_04.30.15_HS Spring Concert02

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