Helping Hands In High Tunnel


Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

Spring is definitely in the air!  Not only are the temps mild – in the 50s this past weekend! – but students are spending more time outside.  And South Shore has much more to offer than just the traditional playground and sports field.  They have a green house!  And students have definitely been putting in quite a few hours preparing the house for the up-coming growing season.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Mrs. McKnight and Mrs. Sharbonno held an information session with the first and second graders, explaining what – arugula and spinach – and how – planting in a dice pattern – they would be doing in the High Tunnel.  Students donned their outside gear and lined up, anxious to get busy!  It was definitely enlightening to see how enthusiastic and willing they each were to the task at hand.  They were skillful, helpful and took direction well, asking for help when they needed it – which wasn’t all that often!

The South Shore greenhouse is looking like a productive garden indeed!

POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel02 POCOHO_03.17.15_High TunnelBrigid J. Ripley
POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel1 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel01 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel03 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel04 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel25 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel05 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel06 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel07 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel08 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel09 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel10 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel11 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel12 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel20 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel13 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel15 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel16 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel17 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel19 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel22 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel21 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel23 POCOHO_03.17.15_High Tunnel24