PTO Makes St. Patrick’s Day Memorable


Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

The students and staff at South Shore school owe the Parent-Teacher Organization a huge THANK YOU for arranging and organizing a visit by Monty’s Reptiles as well as supplying green ice cream and all the fixin’s for everyone.

The reptiles – turtles, snakes, lizards and alligators – wow’ed the students and staff alike.  For about 60 minutes, Brian Teigen talked to his audience  about the different characteristics and qualities of the critters in the reptilian world.  A vast majority of the reptiles that call Monty’s their home, have been rescued.  Brian devoted much of his presentation to talking about the habitat of each reptile he showed, many of whom aren’t native to this part of the world, and how to effectively stay safe should one ever encounter such a reptile in the wild.  For example, the rattle one hears from a snake, should be taken as a warning sign rather than an attempt to strike.  For more information about the reptiles, please visit Monty’s:

In addition to the traveling reptile show, students also enjoyed a break from classes to eat some green ice cream!  The commons were a sea of green, with individuals sporting the vibrant color in honor of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and of course, lots of smiles.  Who doesn’t love a bowl of refreshing, delicious ice cream?

Thank you, PTO, for everything!

POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile01 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile02 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile03
POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile04 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile05 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile06 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile07
POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile08 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile09 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile10 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile11 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile12 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile13 POCOHO_03.17.15_Reptile14

POCOHO_03.17.15_Green Ice Cream01 POCOHO_03.17.15_Green Ice Cream