Donkey Basketball


Kellie, reporter

The South Shore High School band is having a fundraiser for their New Orleans trip on March 26, 2015. There will be four teams competing for the championship title. The members of the South Shore Band team are Kellie Rock, Tristin Koehler, Adam Ranta, Makayla Lovejoy, Megan Smith, Morgan Sorenson, Ruby Peltonen,Terry Suo, Buddy Botosh, Lynda Nedden-Durst, Rhiannon Jardine and Debi Rock. The other teams will be The Battle Axe, Little Nikki’s and The “Has Been’s”. There will be two teams playing at a time and the winner of each game will play each other for the win. Making a total of three games. The event will be held at the South Shore High School gym on February 8th at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $6 if you buy them ahead of time or $8 at the door. Make sure you come join us for a good laugh!