Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift?


Starting January 27th the South Shore band will be selling Valentine’s Day cupcake to the community and students around the north shore. This is a great way to give back to the people that mean the most to you. The cupcake will come in chocolate, white, red velvet, and gluten free. There are three sales options. A single cupcake without a mini stuffed animal: $2,  A cupcake with a mini stuffed animal: $5,  and a dozen cupcakes without a stuffed animal:$16. The deadline to turn the orders in is Monday, February  9th. 100% of the profit  will go to help the South Shore Band head to New Orleans. You can buy a cupcake for somebody truly special to you, or buy  one for your child and put a REALLY special, maybe embarrassing message to go with it. 🙂