Cajun Dinner Fundraiser Bringing in BIG Profit!


Makayla Lovejoy, Writer/Reporter

On  Saturday, January 24th the South Shore band hosted a Cajun dinner fundraiser to raise money for their trip to New Orleans. In order to be able to take the trip, the band has to raise $21,000. That may seem like a lot of money however the goal is now only $2,000 away, thanks to the large profit made during the dinner. The dinner consisted of sausage gumbo which had a smooth southern kick, black beans and rice, and finally the main course of either steamed fish or blackened chicken. All of the food was spiced with Cajun seasoning giving them a little bite. To follow a rather delicious meal was the choice of a hot fudge sunday, or southern banana foster. The meal tickets alone brought in a large sum of $1164, but the night did not just end with a meal. Included in the festive night was a live band, followed by the South Shore band. Through out the whole night a silent au ction was going on as well. There was over one hundred different items to bid on, bringing in a total of $1686.50. In total the whole night added $3625.50 to the band account. The South Shore band members would like to thank every one involved in the night and remind them that it takes a community to make goals become reality. 


POCOHO_1.24.15_Cajun Fest3 POCOHO_01.24.15_Cajun Fest2