Who Would You Be…


Megan Smith, Photographer/Reporter

Name: Zeke Toivo Hugo Nieder

Nickname: Toivo

Birthplace: Saint Mary’s, Duluth

Birthdate: 10-23-1996

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 10”


Food: The edible kind

Color: Blue

Subject: Shop

T.V. Program: Super Natural

Hero: Travis Pastrana

Animals: Dog

Holiday: Independence Day

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Pet Peeve: Hippies snooring

Saying: If ya ain’t first you’re last!

Singer: Justin Beiber

Movie: Borat

Actor/Actress: Will Ferrel

Hangout:  Da camp

Sport: Football

Dream Girl: Dianna Dahlgren

Best habit: Being smart with money

Worst habit: My mojo

Pastime: Building the camp

Strongest urge: To ride my dirt bike

Prediction of the world: it’ll end someday

Favorite Ambition: Being in the woods

Favorite Possession: Truck or dirtbike or my dog…hmm…

Greatest Fear: Dying with regret

Fondest Memory: Hunting with the fam.

Philosophy of life: If ya ain’t first you’re last!






Name: Peter Granlund

Nickname: Grumlund

Birthplace: Ashland, Wisconsin

Birthdate: March 25, 1954

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 10”


Food: Venison

Color: Red, White, and Blue

Subject: Mechanics

T.V. Program: Alias Smith and Jones

Hero: Dean Polkoski and his brown tail

Animals: Dave De-Buffer

Holiday: My 18th Birthday

Drink: Occasionally

Pet Peeve: People Who…

Saying: Cut him cff

Singer: Steppin’ Wolf

Movie: Midnight Cowboy

Actor/Actress: Charles Bronson

Hangout: Not!

Sport: Football

Dream Girl: ?????

Best habit: None

Worst habit: Me, have bad habits?

Pastime: Holding my breath

Strongest urge: Be a conservationist keep the U.S. green-grow grass!

Prediction of the world: The way things are going it won’t be long and there won’t be a world to predict about!

Favorite Ambition: Get a 427 for my “63”

Favorite Possession: “63” chev.

Greatest Fear: Getting caught

Fondest Memory: A day last summer

Philosophy of life: Get while the getting good